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LIBS MELTDOWN! Colorado Sec. of State Loses It Over Trump Ruling, Boebert Wants Her Recalled [Watch]

By Eric Bolling Staff

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously — but it wasn’t enough for Griswold…

Following the Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling to put GOP frontrunner Donald Trump back on the primary ballot in Colorado, the Colorado Secretary of State, who orchestrated the push to remove Trump from the ballot went on MSNBC to voice her disappointment.

“It will be up to the American voters to save our democracy in November,” Griswold said.

Watch the clip below:

Colorado Rep. and ardent Trump supporter Lauren Boebert blasted Griswold on X, calling her “unfit” and insisting she should be “recalled.”

“The Supreme Court unanimously threw out this idiotic and unconstitutional argument. The fact that you’re still acting like a petulant child because you don’t like Trump is just pathetic. You have no business in the Secretary of State’s office and shouldn’t oversee an election in which you have shown a clear bias. You’re unfit. Time for you to be RECALLED!”