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One Pill Can Kill

From the White House YouTube Channel…
Opiods – A National Crisis Town Hall with first lady Melania Trump…

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ONE PILL CAN KILL –  With Eileen Rivers USA Today digital content editor and Bill Sternberg – USA Today Editorial Page Editor…

OPIOIDS TOWN HALLS  – A series of Town Halls – WJLA 7 ABC news, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Nov. 2018 through Sep. 2019

NEW YORK TIMES – Opioids – an Equal-Opportunity Killer Op-Ed article by Eric Bolling, October 29, 2019



Wake Up America is a Huge Book. It Will Help to Make America Great Again.” – President Donald J. Trump

Grit, merit, providence, individualism, thrift—and above all, pride in our country: These qualities, among others, are the reason that hundreds of millions of people worldwide look to America for hope, inspiration, and opportunity.

But it’s precisely these virtues that now are under attack by the radical Left of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and their followers. America as we know it is eroding before our eyes and becoming what Fox News Channel personality and co-host of “The Five” Eric Bolling calls a “politically correct nanny state.” The rewards for individual achievement and hard work, our basic constitutional rights, religious faith, national identity, and capitalism itself, are being replaced by a dangerous socialistic ideology that is the polar opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended America to be.


The Instant New York Times and America Today Bestseller!

When Washington D.C. was first built, it was on top of a swamp that had to be drained. Donald Trump says it’s time to drain it again.

In The Swamp, bestselling author Eric Bolling presents an infuriating, amusing, revealing, and outrageous history of American politics, past and present, Republican and Democrat. From national political scandals to tempests in a teapot that blew up; bribery, blackmail, bullying, and backroom deals that contradicted public policies; cronyism that cost taxpayers hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars; and personal conduct that can only be described as regrettable, The Swamp is a journey downriver through the bayous and marshes of Capitol Hill and Foggy Bottom.