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Eric Bolling


Author of two NYT Best Sellers—Wake Up America and The Swamp—exposing the dangerous drift away from America’s core values of freedom, family, and individual opportunity. 2020 Emmy Nominee for Best Commentator.


Eric hosts the hugely popular top-tier daily Newsmax show “Eric Bolling The Balance”. It is the fastest growing show on Newsmax with the highest ratings per available households


Established the Eric Chase Foundation in memory of his son as a platform for combatting the scourge of opioids that claims tens of thousands of American lives each year.


Commentator, interviewer, reporter, author, former commodities trader, financial analyst, entrepreneur—even professional baseball star—and above all, patriot.

Always Learning. Always Innovating.

Eric Bolling is a man in motion — ever curious, ever innovating, creating, and re-creating his scope of interests and field of play. He has been described as “a man of many talents — baseball player, commodities trader, TV host.” Underlying his achievements is a passion to engage people and to promote the core values that make human beings successful and happy.

Growing up in a poor part of Chicago, Eric saw sports as a way out and worked fiercely to become a standout baseball player. He went to college on a baseball scholarship, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates, and played professional baseball until leaving due to injury.

Influenced by friendships and life’s unpredictable turns, Eric became a commodities trader. He had a talent for making quick decisions in volatile markets and eventually became the most active independent natural gas trader in the world. He was among Trader Monthly’s Top 100 in 2005, 2006, and received their Man of the Year Award in 2007. During his five years on the board of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Eric helped to orchestrate the Merc’s IPO, which in 2006, was the largest IPO in history.

Trader to Television Presenter.

About this time television came calling. The pivotal moment came one day on the trading floor as oil prices danced around wildly. A crew from CNBC asked Eric for an on-air analysis. “I gave them my best ninety seconds, they liked it, came back the next day, and then every day for a while.” CNBC invited Eric to star in a new show about the drama of trading to be called “Fast Money”—and Eric’s television career was born.

Always privately immersed in politics and social issues, Eric moved into the national limelight when asked to co-host one of FOX News’ most successful shows, “The Five”—a revolutionary concept for cable news. As part of the original on-air personalities, Eric spent six years in the middle seat as the popular co-host.

He simultaneously hosted his own solo show on FOX News, the hit prime weekend show, “Cashin In,” where he juggled multiple guests with differing opinions in a fast-paced format.

From Sorrow to Inspiration.

On a terrible night in 2017, Eric received news that his only son, Eric Chase, a college sophomore at the University of Colorado, had fallen victim to a pill he had bought on campus that had been laced with the deadly opioid fentanyl.

This heartbreaking loss spurred Eric’s craving to extract meaning from grief. “I resolved—at the least—to do whatever I could to keep other parents from receiving that call, to combat the opioid epidemic—the worst drug crisis in American history.”

Eric Chase’s tragedy inspired the creation of “The Eric Chase Foundation” devoted to educating the nation about the lethality of opioids. It also inspired Eric to tour the country for town halls that rallied people to combat the opioid scourge. Eric became Chairman and President of the Nasdaq-listed company, JanOne Inc, which fights the opioid crisis by developing treatments for conditions that cause pain and non-addictive medicines that kill pain, not people.

“God blessed me with the ability to talk to people. I try to help them become aware of the insidiousness of opioids, dispel the stigma, and maybe save a few lives.”

Go-to host. Best selling author.

Electric, entertaining, ready to ask questions and defend his views, Eric became FOX’s most visible and popular guest host. He sat in for Bill O’Reilly more than 200 times and was the trusted guest host for top-rated “Hannity,” where he sat in for Sean more than 70 times.

In 2016, frustrated by the nation’s errant, dangerous drifting from core principles, he published his New York Times best seller Wake Up America. “I was inspired by the hope of bringing America back to the center, back to republican ideals.” He followed that success with another best seller, The Swamp, his exposé of Washington’s culture of corruption.

A gift. A passion.

Eric’s undisputed gift for connecting with people—engaging them, sparking rapport—energizes them across multiple media. His most exciting ventures yet are the fast-growing programs “America This Week With Eric Bolling” and the sister program “America This Week—United We Stand,” streams and broadcasts in 93 markets across 191 stations—a larger reach than FOX News, CNN and MSNBC.

Eric’s sincere, provocative on-camera presence is utterly personal and utterly unique. In conversation after conversation, he generates sparks on the spot. For a scintillating monologue he wrote, Eric is a 2020 Emmy Award nominee for best commentator.

“I didn’t want to do a sit-down, studio program,” he says. “These shows put me out among people where they shine, and I bask in the glow of their opinions and experiences.”

Whatever he tries, Eric brings it. “I came from humble beginnings. Baseball allowed me to go to college. An injury sent me to the commodities trading floor. Television gave me a national audience for business, politics and social affairs. It’s a cliché, but I believe if you come to work every day and not feel like you’re working, you’re winning.”

When he talks to young people, Eric urges them not to be pigeon-holed. “My career defies labels. But if I had to choose one, it would be ‘citizen of America,’ fully engaged, and applying my skills to keeping our people free and this country great.” Eric is on the advisory board for TPUSA.

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